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Buzzing Brains Alphabet Teaching Frame with 6 rows of 6 wooden blocks. Flip the blocks to match the letters with phonic words and images. Great introduction to letters, numbers and early phonics.
Length: 0:43

Buzzing Brains Wooden Pull Along Dog. Great toy to help encourage early walking with funny pull along wobbly dog. FEATURES Great for encouraging early steps Dog wobbles along when pulled Rubber ring on the wheels for better traction 12 months+...
Length: 0:41

Children will love the Buzzing Brains Wooden Stacker. It helps develop your child's hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Helps to teach your child about colour and sizes.
Length: 0:43

Buzzing Brains Noah's Ark is a beautiful wooden toy that introduces the story of Noah and his ark to young children. Includes 2 figures, 6 pairs of animals and an ark with a removable top to encourage imaginative play and story telling.
Length: 0:31

Buzzing Brains Magnetic Number Puzzle encourages your child's first steps towards writing numbers. Colourful graphics add fun to help with learning.
Length: 0:31

Buzzing Brains Alphabet Blocks. Great for early introduction of ABC's and 123's to your toddler. With the 30 colourful wooden alphabet blocks decorated with numbers and uppercase and l... See more
Length: 0:54

Buzzing Brains Wooden Abacus with 10 rows of 10 beads. A timeless classic toy to help introduce your child to counting and simple sums.
Length: 0:38

Buzzing Brains Shape Sorter is a classic wooden shape sorting cube with colour matching shapes. It provides stimulating and rewarding play for inquisitive little minds. This attractive... See more
Length: 0:36

Buzzing Brains Lots of Letters are 35 colourful wooden block letters to introduce your child to the alphabet and simple words. Includes letters from 'a' to 'z' with extra letters to spell 'mummy' and 'daddy'...
Length: 0:44

Buzzing Brains Table Top Kitchen is a compact wooden kitchen that packs away when playtime's finished. Includes everything needed for a young budding chef. Encourages social play and sharing skills.
Length: 0:46

Buzzing Brains My First Fruit Book is a lovely wooden first book filled with lots of different colourful fruit. Helps introduce new words to baby's vocabulary and is good for little inquisitive hands. Is an ideal size for taking out and about.
Length: 0:29

Buzzing Brains Rattle Ring is a lovely wooden rattle ideal for young babies to grasp and play with.
Length: 0:34

Buzzing Brains My First Rattle is a lovely wooden rattle ideal for young babies to grasp and shake.
Length: 0:34

Buzzing Brains Puzzle Maze is a lovely wooden toy that's packed full of play. While puzzling out the maze your child is developing the first skills for writing by learning to follow a ... See more
Length: 0:46

Buzzing Brains Stacking Wooden Puzzle. 9 piece stacking puzzle with 4 different animal pictures to complete. Helps develop hand - eye coordination and fine motor skills.
Length: 0:35

Buzzing Brains Misfits Puzzle Box. Match up the 8 characters or mix them up to make your own.
Length: 0:41

Buzzing Brains Shape Puzzle. A classic stacking puzzle toy to introduce shapes, colours tones. Also encourages problem solving, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.
Length: 0:44

Buzzing Brains Threading Beads. A classic threading toy, includes 14 large wooden beads. Helps your child learn different shapes, colours and animals and great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development.
Length: 0:43

Buzzing Brains Xylophone. A classic toy xylophone with 5 different colour keys, each a different tone. An ideal first musical instrument to introduce your toddler to the delights of music. Good for learning music tones and early rhythm.
Length: 0:42

Buzzing Brains Block Clock helps your child in learning numbers and telling the time. Different shapes and characters can be used to tell stories.
Length: 0:45

Buzzing Brains Click Clack Track comes with 4 colourful cars. Put the cars on the track to watch them 'click clack' down the track. Race to put as many cars on the track as possible before the first one finishes or take turns with different colours.
Length: 0:52

Buzzing Brains Stacking Train includes 15 wooden stacking pieces to let you child use their imagination to build a multitude of different trains. The cars detach easily and can be play... See more
Length: 0:50

Toddlers will love this bright and colourful Hammer Bench, offering endless hours of fun. Hammer the colourful wooden pegs through the holes on the bench, includes 3 colourful pegs and a wooden hammer...
Length: 0:44

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